Trappist beers from the World!


We’ve assembled a beer box that goes the extra mile or the extra abbey: Trappist beers from monasteries around the world!

USA, Italy, Austria, Belgium…. You name it!

The offer includes 6 Trappist beers: 1 from Belgium and 5 from abroad.


===>  For members with a monthly subscription: 29.90€/$/£ ! (use coupon at cashout) *

===>  For non-members (no monthly subscription): £34.90 € **

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Why get a membership ? Here are the main reasons:

1) Cheapest prices on our monthly offers (Brewery of the Month).

2) Special discounts on all other offers.

3) Glassware from the brewery of the month every month.

4) A gift every month.

5) Flexible subscription: it can be stopped anytime.

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2. Subscription
3. Delivery method
TOTAL : ( /month the first month and /month the following months (when more than 1 month) )


An informed taster is a happy taster

  • When is the next delivery?
    The next delivery is scheduled for 31 July 2018, express delivery always accepted/welcomed
  • Do I need to pay extra tax?
    No, all of our prices include VAT (21% Belgian VAT)
  • Is the BelgiBeer Box really full of craft beer?
    Yes, it is our passion. We trust in the expertise of craft brewers who have perfected their art following traditional “Belgian” techniques. We promise authentic recipes and strongly support the work of small independent Belgian breweries.


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