A Belgian Beer revolution (Belgian Style IPAs)

Discover the innovative beers from brewery VBDCK, blending traditional brews to innovative IPAs.  VBDCK began operations in 2016 and have since won numerous trophies such as best Saison and Biére de Garde by the Beer World Awards.  Their IPA selection is also varied with dark, blonds and ambers all unique in tastes.  

The box contains 9 beers and 1 glass from the brewery as shown below.  As usual, BelgiBeer monthly members* receive a €5 discount (request your code by email to info@belgibeer.com)

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The box contains:

  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_180.JPG
    Blond beer 33CL, 5.5% ABV
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_181.JPG
    Bière de Garde
    Amber 33CL, 7% ABV
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_182.JPG
    Dark 33CL, 4.5% ABV
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_183.JPG
    Pink Imperial
    8% Imperial Stout, Dark 33CL
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_184.JPG
    Grapefruit IPA
    Dark blond 4.2% ABV, 33CL
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_185.JPG
    Dark IPA
    Reddish 33CL, 6% ABV
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_186.JPG
    Dark blond 4.3% ABV, 33CL
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_187.JPG
    New England Session IPA
    Hazy blond 2.5% ABV, 33CL
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_188.JPG
    Blond beer at 15% ABV, 33CL
  • VBDCK DISCOVERY BOX   product product_189.JPG
    from VBDCK

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  • When is the next delivery?
    The next delivery is scheduled for 19 August 2020, express delivery always accepted/welcomed
  • Is the BelgiBeer Box really full of craft beer?
    Yes, it is our passion. We trust in the expertise of craft brewers who have perfected their art following traditional “Belgian” techniques. We promise authentic recipes and strongly support the work of small independent Belgian breweries.


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