We have a new micro-brewery just trying to get its foot through the door in the brewing world. For the time being they only have two beers and we wanted to give our customers the rare chance to be one of the first to try them!

The beers are fully organic and some of the profits go to planting trees in rainforests.

The brewery, as well as their production capacity is small, so stocks are very limited.

5G – uses Ginger, Guarana, Galanga, Ginkgo, and Ginseng (hence the name). Extraordinarily refreshing beer taste that you have never experienced before!

5G Gold – is a premium edition of the 5G with a note of royal jelly that gives it a majestic flavor.

The Brewers and Belgibeer would love to hear your opinion on this beer!

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  • Superfood product product_190.png
    5 x 5G
    Organic, 5.5%
  • Superfood product product_191.png
    5 x 5G Gold Edition
    5G with royal jelly, 5.5%
  • Superfood product product_192.jpg
    1 x Superfood Glass
    Beer Glass

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    The next delivery is scheduled for 17 April 2020, express delivery always accepted/welcomed
  • Is the BelgiBeer Box really full of craft beer?
    Yes, it is our passion. We trust in the expertise of craft brewers who have perfected their art following traditional “Belgian” techniques. We promise authentic recipes and strongly support the work of small independent Belgian breweries.


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