Taste the full range that the brewery "Jessenhofke" has to offer in our special box. 
Jessenhofke was our Brewery of the Month in July 2019. 


The following 9 beers and 1 glass are included in the box:

  • Jessenhofke product product_237.png
    1 x WNTR
    10% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_238.png
    1 x MAYA
    6% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_239.png
    1 x BRWN
    7% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_240.png
    1 x RGLR
    3.5% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_241.png
    1 x TRPL
    8% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_242.jpg
    1 x PMPRNL
    8% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_243.jpg
    1 x RSRV
    10% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_244.jpg
    1 x ARVUM
    6% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_245.jpg
    1 x 't Bottelke
    6% ABV
  • Jessenhofke product product_246.jpg
    1 x Glass

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  • When is the next delivery?
    The next delivery is scheduled for 17 December 2021, express delivery always accepted/welcomed
  • Is the BelgiBeer Box really full of craft beer?
    Yes, it is our passion. We trust in the expertise of craft brewers who have perfected their art following traditional “Belgian” techniques. We promise authentic recipes and strongly support the work of small independent Belgian breweries.


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