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In the beautiful month of April 2017 our pilgrimage through the world of Belgian artisan beers led us to the discovery of Brasserie {C}, in Liege.

The history of this artisanal microbrewery – the first to set up in Liège - or the Cité Ardente - began in 2009, in a school. Renaud and Francois, then agriculture students, became friends and decided to turn their passion for beer into a profession. In 2012, after dozens of experimental brewing sessions in the family garage, they launched the Curtius and moved to a larger venue… at rue de la Brasserie (Brewery Street)! Their success was dazzling! Today, located in the historical center of Liege, at the foot of the majestic stairs of Mount Bueren, Brasserie {C} goes from strength to strength. The team has grown, a “Brew Pub” concept was created, and four more beers were developed, namely Torpah (a range of three single-hop beers), Black {C} a strong stout and Curcious, a prestigious beer, brewed of 3 malts and 3 hops. Characterful beers combining tradition and modernity.

In this box you will find :

A beer glass from the brewery {C}


 The Black {C} : This non-pasteurized, non-sterilized, and non-filtered stout is the result of blending and roasting malt, and the addition of long fermentation gives it a balanced flavour. Its distinctive taste will please palates looking for beers with extra character. Black is the perfect partner for chocolate desserts and game (duck, venison, etc).

ABV 8%                EBC 120                IBU 55


The Torpah 30 – 60 - 90: TORPAH, an anagram of “Art Hop”, is a range of 3 lager-type beers, each made from a unique and single type of hop, hence the name ‘single hop’. The three varieties of hops come from 3 different countries, which emphasizes the way different types of hop, in equal quantities, can influence the flavor and bitterness of a single beer. Torpah variants, 30 – 60 – 90, refer directly to the IBU (bitterness index) of each beer.


             30: ABV 6%         EBC 13                   IBU 29

60: ABV 6%         EBC 13                   IBU 64

90: ABV 6%         EBC 13                   IBU 96


La curtius : It’s a prestigious and distinguished beer, brewed from 3 malts and 3 hops of premium quality. Its unique and progressive taste is the result of multiple fermentation steps, conducted with care and patience over several months.


          ABV 7%       

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