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Every month we discover a different craft brewer and collect the freshly brewed beers together with glassware, beers mats, posters and anything available on site.
In our warehouse the #beerbox are carefully prepared for you.
"We are the first online shop providing Belgian craft beers with a monthly discovery and subscription."

Belgian Beers ?

Belgian Beers are known worldwide for their variety and quality ! There are around 150 different breweries and more than 1000 different beers with so many different tastes !
However, many ignore 99% of them.Our first aim is to bring awareness to this great Belgian heritage.

A Beer is not a Beer !

Pils are probably the most famous beers known worldwide; however, there are so many other unknown types! Craft breweries don't use industrial processes by adding additional sugar or fat.
Our second aim is to help support artisan brewers in their work.


In Belgium, each brewery designs its own glassware, which generally corresponds to the texture of the beer poured in the glass. With so many different tastes and glasses, it's a whole new experience to share with your friends and family!
Our third aim is to make you ambassadors of this new experience.


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