The Top 10 best Belgian beers at BelgiBeer in 2019

20 May 2019

It goes without saying, Belgian beers are among the best beers in the world! In this article, BelgiBeer wants you to discover its top 10 best Belgian beers. We are not like other sites that offer beers you already know and can find anywhere. No, what we offer is an in-class classification of craft beers, that in our opinion taste even better than that of certain beers with established prestige.

Here are the top 10 best Belgian beers discovered and tasted by BelgiBeer (the order does not matter).

1. Lienne – Woody, a limited edition oak barrel-aged beer.

The Woody is from the brewery Lienne, which was named after the river that flows near the brewery. This beer is a special limited-edition and is aged in a whiskey oak barrel. It is completely different from what the brewery usually produces, both in terms of taste and the label, which was designed by an artistic friend of the brewers.  It has a brown-amber color, with a solid head and high carbonation. The aroma is sour, fruity, musky. The hops used are styrian golding and hallertau hersbrucker. It has a sour oaky, woody taste. It goes well with spicy dishes, grilled food, old chedar cheese. Because of its whiskey-like taste, we also suggest to try it out with a Cuban cigar (ex. Romeo y Julieta). The ABV is 7,5% and it should be served between 6-10 degrees Celsius.

2. The Passionate Crime from the brewery De Dochter van de Korenaar: An IPA with 9 different hops                                           

A change of scenery with De Dochter van de Korenaar which we all consider as the flagship of the Belgian brewery craft.

Although the brewery was only created in 2007, it is already considered to be of high quality in the world of artisan beer and has won many awards. Their beers are so successful that at the Belgian artisanal beer festival, Zythos, their stand was overwhelmed by enthusiasts.

Passionate Crime is all our favorite.  As an IPA style beer, it consists of 9 varieties of hops as well as a 45% mix of malt and wheat. You will perceive tastes of passion fruit and apricot, which create an irresistible spice.
The name of the beer will give you an impression of forbidden, excitement and the feeling of being a fugitive will cross your mind when you taste it.


3. The XX Bitter of De Ranke brewery: An unprecedented bitterness!

This brewery, born in the eighties, makes it a point of honor to brew following the rules of Belgian brewing art. In order to perpetuate the tradition, De Ranke works with whole hops cones and not extracts.

At home, everything is 100% natural, respecting traditions and without commercial success (you won’t find a pub of De Ranke beers in your favorite magazines anytime soon except ours of course).

In our list of the best craft beers, although we could include a large part of their beers, the XX Bitter takes the lead. Small nugget of the family, this is the bitterest of the most fermented beers made at the brewery. If you love the bitterness and taste of hops, this beer is made for you!

4.Valeir Extra from the brewery Contreras: an EXTRA-hopped beer


Do not be mistaken, this brewery, with a name containing Spanish connotation, is indeed a Belgian artisan brewery. Marcel Contreras bequeathed his name to him and helped build his reputation following the takeover of the brewery in the 1920s. Contreras has tested many beer recipes before creating a variety of flavored beers that are the Valeir. Thanks to their arduous work, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy these tasty beers today, especially the Valeir Extra.

Previously, to keep the beer longer, beer would be EXTRA-hopped (hops being a good conservator and also brings bitterness to beer), hence the name of the IPA, Valeir Extra. Extra, also means this beer has more hops than its Valeir sisters. It provides quite different sensations. The nose is fresh, dry, and lively. Flavors of Hops and citrus are strongly felt (this remains an IPA).
To be tasted on a terrace this summer with a small plate of sausages (BelgiBeer recommendation), this beer is just extra-delicious!


5. In honor of all the dads, Armand from the brewery Ter Dolen


A beautiful story at the origin of an equally good beer.    Indeed, the brewery Ter Dolen was taken over by Mieke Desplenter, current manager of the brewery, but also with his father, Armand Desplenter who was a brewer all his life. The passion of brewing was transmitted to him by his father. When the latter died, it made sense for him to brew a beer in his honor. A beer as he likes them, blond, fruity with an explosion of citrus.

This is how Armand Beer was created, with a nice drawing of his father as the label. In addition, during the Brussels Beer Challenge, Belgian international beer competition, Armand beer won the gold medal.                                                          

6. Kollusion – Maenhout Brewery.

This beer won the Silver medal in Concours de Lyon. It was well deserved! This beer came from Thijs Maenhout’s desire to make a Russian Imperial Stout. In collaboration with the Boom Island brewery in Mineapolis – a combination of Belgian chocolate and Mineapolis’ coffee are added inside the fermenter to give this beer the round taste of coffee and chocolate. It has a whopping ABV of 11% so we advise you to drink it slowly and with care! Consume responsibly.                                                            

7. The Black {C} of the brewery {C}: The Stout par excellence


Here is the smallest and youngest of the top 10 best Belgian beers. Created in 2012, La brasserie {C} has nothing to envy of the bigger brewers. Knowing success with their first beer, Curtius, they developed very quickly and launched 4 new beers including the Black {C}, our favorite. For starters, it has an incredibly modern design label that gives you a crazy desire to taste it.          The label reflects well what we can find in this beer: a roaring stout of character that is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unsterilized with roasted aromas of coffee and cocoa. Little more, this beer is the fruit of grilled and roasted malt.

8. Cuvée Devillé of the brewery Den Herberg: The "clone" of the Orval

If you are looking for the definition of a family business, look at Brasserie Den Herberg located in Buizingen. Created 20 years ago by Bart and his wife Ann, the brewery is still active today thanks to the descendants of the couple. Indeed, 4 of their 7 children participate in the management of the brewery.


Regarding Belgian beer, there could not be any case where we would not mention the Cuvée Devillé in our top 10 list. Presented to Zythos in 2014 for the very first time, it is described by the brewer himself as a clone of the Orval. An amber beer of mixed fermentation and refermentation in bottle, unfiltered. Small peculiarity: the use of the yeast Brettanomyces (a wild yeast) that is well felt in the tasting.

9. VBDCK – Kaishaku

This beer is from a relatively new brewery called VBDCK. It is made with Japanese Sake yeast and in this way combines the Belgian and Japanese cultures. This blond beer at 15% ABV should be drank with extra care. The name comes from the ancient Japanese tradition. Kaishaku would be the person who decapitates the person who performed the ritualistic suicide (Seppuko).

10. The Duchess of Burgundy of the Verhaeghe brewery: The pearl of West Flanders

Patriotism can be expressed in several ways. If his approach is sincere, he is quite honorable. Paul Verhaeghe, owner of the brewery of the same name, displayed his patriotism by not letting himself be impressed by the Germans and the horrors of the First World War. Following the request of the Belgian government, it completely stopped production, forcing it to close its trade for four years. Subsequently, as a true Belgian resistant, he started all over again. The Duchess of Burgundy was an almost instant success. It was the latter which gave international renown to the brewery.
The Duchess is a so-called brown-red of West Flanders. Its production is special because it must mature in oak casks and is, afterwards, brewed according to the old traditional methods. It is a classic that nevertheless remains very accessible to the tasting.

This is how our list of the best Belgian beers ends according to BelgiBeer. In order to realize the latter, it was important for us to analyze the beer but also and especially the brewery because a beer can be good only if the brewery itself works with value and tradition. We also took into consideration their score on Ratebeer so that the ranking was not solely based on our personal opinion.

And you, what is your favorite Belgian beer? Do you have a top 3? What beer, which we do not yet have, would you like to see on our online shop? Give us your opinion by email, we are waiting for you. (



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