Brewery Saint-Monon

05 December 2019

When brewer Pierre Jacob begun brewing at 26, he was considered one of the youngest in Belgium.  Belgium possessed more than 3,000 breweries before World War One. Progressively the number declined between the 40s and the 60s with just over a hundred active breweries left today. The Ardennes region was left with only three active breweries: Fantome, Orval and Achouffe. By establishing brewery “Saint-Monon” in the 90s, Pierre, became the 4th active brewer in the region.   

Youngest son in a farmer’s family of five children, Pierre began brewing professionally after completing his studies in agricultural engineering with a specialization in brewing techniques. He progressively begun occupying a section of the farm to his activities.  

The brewery’s name “Saint-Monon” originates from an ancient Scottish monk who visited the region many centuries ago. Enchanted by the shire’s beauty, he built a shrine and preached locals into his version of Christianism. Inspired by the legend, Pierre named his brewery after the monk and expanded his brewing activities to include a tap room. Many tourists as well as locals spend countless hours tasting and sharing Pierre’s brews.  

Saint-Monon beers have all won prices and international recognitions especially in Japan and the US. The beer range has frequently been increased with additions such as the Blanche and the Mix Hop Brew.  


ABV : 6.5%  

VOL :  33 cl  

EBC :  33  

IBU : 24 

T ° :  8-10 °C 

Anecdote:  A new beer specially designed for the festivities with a recipe that varies every year.  

Malts used: Pilsen. Hops: Belgian Magnum and Styrie Golding  

Eye: Murky copper color with off-white head. Medium to light body, medium carbonation. 

Aroma:  Sweet malt, candy sugar and floral yeast esters. 

Taste: Starts sweet and yeasty, slightly astringent, some sour malt towards the finish, light earthy bitterness. 

Food:  Cheese  


ABV : 8%  

VOL :  33 cl  

EBC :  24 

IBU : 18 

T ° :  8-10°C 

Anecdote: This brew was a collaboration between Pierre Jacob’s former schoolteacher who was a passionate beer drinker as well as a beekeeper. This beer is a true sweet and bitter work of art! Created in 1996 to celebrate the brewer’s wedding.  

Malts : Pilsen, Caravienne. Belgian Hops: Magnum, Brewers Gold and Styrie Golding.  

Eye: Hazy golden with a small white head. 

Aroma: Herbs, veggies, honey, caramel, yeast and malt. 

Taste: Moderate sweet and bitter. Medium bodied with soft carbonation. 

Food: Stews and other marinated meats  


ABV :  6.5 %  

VOL :  33 cl  

EBC :  20 

IBU : 38 

T ° :  8-10°C 

Anecdote: Pierre created this beer in 2011 to provide more bitterness to his beers. Nonetheless, this brew is still very balanced in the Belgian tradition. “Dry Hopping” provides lots of aromas of fresh hops.  

Malts: Pilsen and “Café Light” Hops: Magnum, Styris Golding, Brewers Gold, Saaz, Tradition (dry hopping).     

Eye: The head is light off-white, good retention with Belgian lace. The body dark amber, hazy, opaque. 

Aroma: Malt, light orange, flower, herbal, candy, spicy, yeast. 

Taste: Malt, earthy, flower, orange peels, hint of curacao, herbal, spicy, medium to full body, medium to high carbonation.  

Food: Fish, white meat and Asian foods. 


ABV : 5.9%  

VOL :  33cl  

EBC :  10 

IBU : 20 

T ° :  8-10 °C 

Anecdote: Created in 2017 to honor the pilgrims who journey every year between Ambly and Beauraing to pay tribute to the appearance of the Virgin Mary. The area “Famenne” is worth a hike to admire the beautiful landscapes.   

Eye: Cloudy beige to yellow beer, small creamy aery off-white head 

Aroma: Very fruity, lots of oranges, some tangerines, banana due to the yeast. 

Taste: Lots of oranges, slightly sweet, some citrus, yeast, bit spicy, peppery, soft bitterness. The aftertaste confirms the yeastiness with some orange’s peel, little bitter, banana, floral, slightly soapy and some grapefruit. 

Food: Marinated meats and stews.  



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