Brewery: Saint-Lazare

25 August 2019
Brewery Saint-Lazare was created by Jean-Philippe Mottoul in 2006. Jean-Philippe has a biotechnology background with specialty in brewing sciences. He has, however, developed his career as a computer scientist for the biopharmaceutical sector. In 2006 he recovered a few second hand chemical fermenters from work, each with a capacity of 150L. This encouraged him to start his career as a home brewer. Following great reviews from both friends and family, Jean-Philippe decided to continue his hobby and turn it into his full time profession.

Up to 2015 Jean-Philippe produced 100L per year in his house. Invigorated by a beer reviewer who also became his sales agent, an ASBL was created the following year (Belgian non for profit association).  That same year, another investor joined the venture and they ramped production to 1000L brews. Following their successes, the newly composed team of brewers-investors decided to create a limited company and drop the non-for profit connotation. Together with another round of investments, Saint-Lazare brewery moved to a building in the district of Mons which carries the same name as the brewery.

They started their first brew at the new location in January 2018. To this day, the microbrewery has one master brewer, Jean-Philippe, while the other six passionate brewers operate other tasks such as bottling and distribution.The brewery is accessible to the general public only during weekends, preferably after warning the team of your arrival. 

1. La Saison

ABV : 6.5 %

VOL : 33 cl

EBC :10

IBU : 28

T ° :6°C

Anecdote:  First beer ever produced by the brewery. Fairly classical Belgian saison, dry, peppery, citrus with a nice head.  Aroma: Malty, orange peels, spicy, bit lemon and caramel, yeasty and fruity.

Taste: Acidulous at first, fruits, tension-freshness, elegance in the aftertaste. Exactly all that is expected of a season. Nice thirst quencher for the warm season.

Food: Excellent to begin a meal (summer salads with olive oil extra virgin) or alone.

2.  IPA

ABV : 6.5 %

VOL :33 cl

EBC :11

IBU : 55

T ° : 6 °C

Anecdote: Slightly bitter than any on the brewery’s range.  It remains accessible to most non-IPAs drinkers as it is sweet on the palate.

This beer was Jean-Philippe’s personal desire to follow market trends. The beer became one of the brewery’s best-selling ale. Beer made with the SMASH technique (a way for any brewer to really get a taste for any base malt and any hop variety. It is also a very economical way to brew as it minimizes the cost of the batch. SMASH brewing is an excellent way to learn about the flavours various malts and hops impart on a beer).

Eye: Golden robe with amber highlights.

Aroma: Very pronounced and complex with a mixture of fresh hops, citrus, ginger and lime.

Taste: Sublime taste with fresh fruits, bitter and refreshing aftertaste. A delight to taste during this warm summer.

Food: Thai or Japanese.Pairs perfectly with Brazilian sushi!

3. Blonde

ABV : 6.5%

VOL :33cl

EBC :10

IBU : 33

T ° :6°C

Anecdote: This beer may be considered a triple, but Jean-Philippe really wanted to create an ale which contained less alcohol.

Eye: Dark blond, almost yellowish-amber in colour.

Aroma: Marked by spices, malts and spices with a yeasty background.

Taste: Full-bodied, concentrated, rich and fruity while remaining balanced and fresh. A very well-adjusted Belgian style triple beer.

Food: We recommend it with stews and other winter dishes (both fish and white meats) that require long cooking times (Flemish carbonnades, Vol-au-vent, Belgian style chicken with rice, Waterzooi…). YouTube™ provides excellent videos on how to make these traditional Belgian dishes- Don’t forget the fries!

4. Pale Ale

ABV : 6.7 %

VOL : 33 cl

EBC :21

IBU : 48

T ° :10°C

Anecdote: One of the bestselling beers from the brewery. Probably the second best sold item. To enjoy its freshness, we recommend drinking it at a temperature of 10°C (50°F for our US followers)

Eye: Beautiful amber, fine creamy head.

Aroma: Complex, with notes of yeast, exotic fruits, mango, sweet spices, background of cereals.

Taste: Acidulous at first, defined bitterness, fine and elegant carbonation. Aftertaste is long and bitter. An excellent thirst quencher which remembers that of a freshly brewed Orval.

Food: Starters with fish or meat (carpaccio’s).

Additional information about the brewery

Brasserie Saint Lazare

Chasse Cambier 4, 7000 Mons, Belgium

BE- 7000 Mons, Belgium


Phone: +32 495 22 29 11



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