Brewery: Jessenhofke

04 October 2019

Kuringen, a peaceful village close to Hasselt, where the local inhabitant sits in the village pub under the church tower drinking a pint, probably not knowing that he’s in one of the rare villages in Flanders where biological beers are brewed. In the Jessenhofstreet there has been flowing beer through the brewkettles for some time now. The name of the street clearly shows where brewery Jessenhofke got its name.

Gert chose when starting to only brew biological beers, a choice based on his ideological views. Starting a biological brewery wasn’t very easy when you know that back then there was only one brewery that solely brewed biological beers.

To get a bio label you need to have certain conditions in your company. The bio label shows that at least 95% of the ingredients in a product are biological, which means that there haven’t been any chemical products used on the product. It’s also not allowed to use artificial smell, color or taste products or use genetically modified ingredients. To check if these conditions are used independent supervision agencies will do frequent tests on the product. There have to be certificates on everything from the raw materials to the production process. Because of that these materials are much more expensive that the ordinary product.

Gert shows together with other biological Belgian brewers that biological beers are clearly a growing market and that aspiring for the best quality should stay the main goal in this sector.

The Squirrel Logo has the following story: The squirrel is a totem-animal with a couple special characteristics. He is a collector and builds stocks to be ready for everything. In the winter he falls back – similar to what Gert does. He is always on a search for the best ingredients to brew his beer, but in the winter he likes being at home with a nice pint.

Jessenhofke wears the official European logo for bio. They are 1 of the 3 Belgian breweries that have solely biological beers. They only use the Belgian biological hops of Joris Cambie from Poperinge.

Gert has a good variety of beers that will surely appeal to any beer drinker – novice or expert.


ABV: 3.5%

VOL: 33 cl

EBC: 6

IBU: 15

T ° : 8-11

Anecdote : The ecological caterer Dauranta wanted a light beer to serve at lunchtime and receptions, which was brewed for them.

Eye : Pale golden with a fluffy white head.

Aroma : Soft-fresh, slightly hoppy and malty.

Taste : Refreshing, light, sweet-sour.


ABV: 7%

VOL: 33 cl

EBC: 60

IBU: 21

T ° : 8-11

Anecdote : This beer is only made from special dark barley malts, no pils barley malt is used!

Eye : Dark brown with a tan head.

Aroma : Soft with dark barley malts, light roast.

Taste : Slight sourness with a small bitter aftertaste.


ABV: 8%

VOL: 33 cl

EBC: 18

IBU: 26

T ° : 8-11

Anecdote : This triple was Jessenhofke’s first step into the brewing world and was chosen as the best amateur brew of Limburg in 2002.

Eye : Hazy golden with an off-white head.

Aroma : Herbal, garlic aroma.

Taste : Rounded and sweet with nice carbonation


ABV: 6%

VOL: 33 cl

EBC: 14

IBU: 33

T ° : 8-11

Anecdote : This was an experimental beer brewed in collaboration with the seitan company Maya from Hasselt.

Eye : Golden with white head.

Aroma : Citrus and fruity.

Taste : Light, moderately sweet and citric.

The visit – The brewery can be visited as a group or individually by sending an email ( and finding an appropriate date. The price for a guided tour with a tasting of 8 beers and a tasting glass is 15 Euros.  There is also a possibility to add beer snacks or a beer dinner to the visit.

Brewer For A Day Workshop – The brewery also offers the possibility of a full hands-on experience of creating your own beer. It includes a search for taste, brewing process, and tasting. The brewing day goes through the theoretical and practical aspects of brewing beer along with a detailed explanation of the brewing process. A light lunch is also included. You will receive 6 75cl bottles of personally brewed beer plus 2 Jessenhofke glasses to take home with you.
Price: 200 Euros per person (from 10+ people).
If you are less than 10 people, email the brewery and join an existing group.



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