Brewery: De Poes

05 December 2019


Seven years ago, a civil servant named Stijn David was working in the finance sector when he decided to change his career to something beer related. He already had a background in chemistry and was a beer lover, paired with the decision to take brew master classes in Gent – he eventually completes his studies and begins brewing the prototypes of his current beers in his garage.  

17th of April, 2014, the first commercial batch was produced – the Poes Blonde, which is a triple of 8% ABV.  

During the first year, 2014 – 9000 liters of beer was produced. In 2015, the production nearly doubled; and in 2016 – Stijn was able to install his own microbrewery in Tielt (previously relying on Deca Services NV to brew his beers). His modern setup allows him to brew 10 hectoliters. Although the brewery is small, it is well-equipped, allowing Stijn to brew 10 hectoliters per brewing day. “If you brew your beer, you need to make sure that your beer is always the best possible quality and it doesn’t matter if you’re small or big. De Poes always valued and will value quality over quantity,” Stijn says.  

Stijn believes in supporting the local Belgian economy and uses solely Belgian hops, especially since the hop region is relatively small now in Belgium. Stijn says that many brewers buy exotic hops for their beers which is perhaps nice for the beer taste, but it is not good for the local economy.   

Stijn also uses some older and unconventional brewing techniques from over 100 years ago (infusion mash and protein rest at 52 degrees to get a good foam in a natural way). The process may take a little longer but the quality is always exceptional.  

Apart from the range of the four De Poes beers that are included in this month’s box, De Poes also brews two types of beers for a Christian monastery, which uses the funds for restorations.  


ABV: 8%  

VOL: 33 cl  

EBC: 16 

IBU: 30  

T°: 8-10  

Anecdote: This was the first beer launched by the brewery. It was inspired by a wheat beer from the 90’s but higher in alcohol content and extra flavour. 

Eye:  Dark hazy blonde with a fine head. 

Aroma:  Flowers and citrus. 

Taste: Fruity with well-balanced bitterness. 

Malts: Gerst, Tarwe, Haver, Mais. 

Hops: Merkur, Cascade. 


ABV: 4.8%  

VOL: 33 cl  

EBC: 14 

IBU: 25  

T°: 3  

Anecdote: The second beer launched by De Poes - it was an ode to the old Export Pilsner brewed in the 50s, the so-called local Workerpils for the labourers.  

Eye:  Hazy with small white head. 

Aroma:  Yeasty. 

Taste: Light barley.  

Malts: Barley. 

Hops: Saaz. 


ABV: 8.5%  

VOL: 33 cl  

EBC: 70 

IBU: 25  

T°: 8-10  

Anecdote: This beer uses exactly 50% wheat and 50% barley. It won a Gold Medal in the World Beer Challenge in 2019. 

Eye:  Very dark brown, beige foam. 

Aroma: Roasted malts, caramel.  

Taste: Roasted and sweet, with soft carbonation. 

Malts: Barley, Wheat. 

Hops:  Merkur, Whitbread Golding, Brewers Gold, Hallertau Mittelfruh.   


ABV: 5.5%  

VOL: 33 cl  

EBC: 20 

IBU: 25  

T°: 3  

Anecdote: This beer uses the same recipe but varies the Aromahops used per batch. For the beer of this month, the Belgian-grown Cascade Hops are used. Previously brewed with Saaz and Groene Bel as well.  

Eye:  Cloudy yellow with stable white head. 

Aroma:  Hoppy, light citrus.  

Taste: Hoppy and sweet. 

Malts: Barley. 

Hops: Merkur & Cascade. 

During the brewery tour, the brewing process is fully explained and any questions are answered. The tour takes about 1 hour and ends with a tasting in the tasting area. You can request a tour by sending an email to the brewery. The price of the tour and tasting is 10 euros per person. 



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