03 July 2019

We bring you back to Haarlem, The Netherlands in the year 2009.
Robbert Uyleman was a bartender at Jopen for several years but was more interested in the brewing process. He was brewing at home in his kitchen and came up with an IPA recipe(our Bird of Prey nowadays).

The IPA was not very known yet in The Netherlands in 2009 and the Dutch beer culture was mainly pilsners and Belgian beer styles. 

The brewers from Jopen were very surprised by his IPA and the quality of it that they offered him to brew a bigger batch in their brewery. He brewed his first commercial batch a few moments later in the facility. He went to some local wholesalers and offered them this new IPA beer which was unknown by that time. After selling the beers so fast it causes the wholesalers to ask for more of this super fresh IPA. It got many people hungover while attending a lot of events and festivals, people loving the logo, the names and creativity of the beers and that lead to establishment of Uiltje Brewing Company in 2012 and the core range Uiltje craft beers (6 of them) were born.In 2013, all the core range beers were brewed in larger quantities and the production at Jopen got to a higher level. A big dream, the barrel aged beers were created and led to new beers in 2014. Limited, seasonals, one-offs, Uiltje brewing company was caught by the crafty beer virus. 

Uiltje Brewing Company was expending fast, new colleagues were hired and in 2015 it opened its own Uiltje Bar containing 30 Drafts in Haarlem. Uiltje was growing and growing and they were doing the stuff they liked and brewing the beers they love to drink. 2016 was the year to do the best thing possible – create an own production brewery! After those 4 years Uiltje Brewing Company created their own production brewery. Since October 2016 Uiltje is fully independent and can do whatever they want. A brewhouse with a capacity of 4000 liters. 11 Fermenting tanks (2x 100 HL, 3x 60HL, 2x 40HL and 4x 30HL) and 2 bright beer tanks (1x 40HL, 1x 30HL). They brewed around 200.000 liters in 2016, 450.000 in 2017, 650.000 liters in 2018 and expect to do 900.000 in 2019.
Marching on with having the focus on delivering fresh hop forward beers all over the world with creativity and entertainment is the main goal of the Uiltje Brewing Company.

Uiltje Beers
Beer 1: Bird of Prey IPA (IPA)
Eye: Golden orange color, small white head
Nose: Citrus tropical, fruity
Mouth: Subtle bitter fruit explosion
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 45
EBC: 7
Serve: 6
Beer 2: Pineapple Weizen (Wheat Beer)
Eye: Hazy, medium orange with white head
Nose: Wheat, moderate hoppy, malty, fruity
Mouth: Sweet, peach, fruity
ABV: 5%
IBU: 6
EBC: 6
Serve: 6-8
Beer 3: Two Hour Drive (Chocolate Strong Ale)
Eye: Creamy, full bodied, dark 
Nose: Some banana, sweet malts, subtle chocolate
Mouth: Medium bitterness, very subtle chocolate
ABV: 9%
IBU: 40
EBC: 26
Serve: 8
Beer 4: Wingman (Watermelon Wit Beer)
Eye: Cloudy yellow, medium body
Nose: Herbal, orange, some banana, yeasty
Mouth: Light, refreshing with the taste of watermelon
ABV: 6%
IBU: 8
EBC: 7
Serve: 6

Tours at Uiltje:

Here’s the million-dollar question: Would you like to tour the brewery and see how the beer is made? That is possible of course, just send them an email at: taproom@uiltjecraftbeer.com
They give a grand tour twice a day by reservation: at 13:00 and 15:00 from Thursday to Sunday.
This includes 2 tasting glasses of your choice. The cost of the tour is €12,50.




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