Brewery: The Musketeers

06 April 2020

The Musketeers Brewery was founded in 1999 by 4 brew engineers. Brewing beer was the hobby and passion of these friends, and since there were four of them, they decided to name their brewery after Dumas’s famous novel. Their first brews were developed in the kitchen of Kristof's mother. 21 years later, two of the founders - Stefaan Soetemans and Kristof De Roo - are still at the helm of this Belgian brewery. 

The brewery has three different “beer series” that they produce. The first one is the Troubadour beers. Troubadour Blond is the oldest descendant of the Troubadour family and has been available since 1999. The first beer from the brewery was a blonde beer of 8.5%. It was an immediate hit and what followed was a whole family of Troubadour Beers. Thus, Troubadour Blond saw the light in 1999 and was enjoyed by beer lovers; two years later, the dark brother followed: Troubadour Obscura. In 2010, the brewers launched their third beer: the Belgian triple IPA Troubadour Magma. The Magma became the most successful and famous beer of the brewery having won over 10 different beer awards. 

Where does the Troubadour series get its name? By looking closely at the Troubadour logo, a Latin phrase is visible – “Cerevisia et Musica Laetificant Cor Hominis,” – which roughly translates to, “Beer and Music gladdens the human heart.” The whole point of this beer series, according to the brewers, is to bring happiness and joy to the people as troubadours did back in the medieval times. 

The second line of beers is the Belgian Legends series, which was launched several years ago. Currently there are two beers part of the series – Antigoon and Jack’s IPA.  

The Antigoon is based on an Antwerp Legend about a cruel giant, Antigoon, and poor sailors. Those who don’t pay up, were not allowed to cross the Schelde until the giant is slain by the soldier Brabo who cuts off the giants’ hand and tosses it into the river. 

The second beer is based on the story about Jack the Asian elephant. In 1904, the Ghent Zoo had to close and Jack was sold to Siske, a so-called ‘gistmarchand’ or yeast-trader. He tried to sell the elephant in England, but that plan failed and the poor animal ended up in a Dutch sausage factory. Whether or not Jack was actually reduced to sausages, remains unclear. What is clear, is that the legend of Jack has inspired great conversations throughout the decades. And that is exactly what the bitter India Pale Ale of The Musketeers brewery wants to aspire: talking beer. 

The latest series of beers is the limited edition Bucket List Series. These beers (currently 6) had come into production approximately 2 years ago. The brewers had approximately 60 different beers of different styles they wanted to produce that they formed a Bucket List of sorts. Of course, it’s impossible to have 60 beers in stock permanently so they decided that they would produce 3 different beers every year of 3 different styles which would be available to the public until they run out. The names of the Bucket List beers comes randomly from people who post their bucket lists (things they want to do in their life) on the internet. Belgibeer managed to reserve the limited edition of one of these beers – “Crowdsurf in a Rubber Dinghy” for our beer lovers for this month! 

The brewery itself has a story with a rich past. The brewers transformed an old brickyard into a brewery with an atmospheric brewery café with a large terrace, where it is possible to enjoy delicious specialty beers and regional dishes.  

The artisan site has been abandoned for years. The building was renovated and old elements were preserved as much as possible.  

The brand new brewing room can brew 60 hectolitres per batch, the equivalent of 24,000 glasses of Troubadour. A fully automatic filling machine fills and subsequently processes 6,000 bottles per hour. The brewery currently brews 8,000 hectolitres per year.  


ABV : 5.9% 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    20 

IBU :   50 

T ° :  6-8 

Anecdote:  Jack’s IPA received its name from Jack the elephant in the Ghent Zoo. It has won the Silver award in the Helsinki Beer Festival (2019) in the category of Pale Ales < 6%.    

Eye:  Pale, with a snow-white head. 

Aroma:  Floral bouquet with a citrus accent.  

Taste:  Smooth, fruity, with floral and spicy hop bitterness. 



ABV : 9% 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    35 

IBU :   45 

T ° :  6-8 

Anecdote:  This beer has won the most awards out of the range of beers offered by Musketeers (nearly every year since 2010). 

Eye:  Orange and copper with a white head. 

Aroma:  Exotic fruit. 

Taste:  Aromatic, bitter, slightly sweet. 



ABV : 8.2 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    115 

IBU :   30 

T ° :  8 

Anecdote:  Obscura was created as an alternative to the sweeter abbey beers by combining flavors of an English Porter and Stout in a dryer, more malty dark beer.  

Eye:  Dark reddish-brown.  

Aroma:  Strong malts, chocolate, coffee, vanilla. 

Taste:  Malty with different notes of chocolate, coffee, vanilla.  



ABV : 6.5 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    12 

IBU :   30 

T ° :  6-8 

Anecdote:  This was the second beer created in the Bucket List Series. 

Eye:  Sparkly blond with strong carbonation. 

Aroma:  Citrusy and fresh. 

Taste:  Mildly bitter, slightly sour. 


The Visit: 

The tour takes approximately 45 minutes. After the tour in the brand new ecological brewery, you can taste some of the freshly tapped beers. 


Brewery visit with 1 beer (25 cl) - 45 minutes - 10 euros 

Beer tasting with 3 beers (3x15 cl) - 12 euros 

Brewery visit and beer tasting with 3 beers (3x15 cl) - 18 euros 

Phone: +32 3 344 02 31. 
Address: Reepstraat 208, 9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas 



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