Brewery 't Verzet

30 September 2020

Brewery 't Verzet was founded in 2011 by Alex Lippens and Koen Van Lancker. These two founders got to know each other in school during their brewing education. After graduating in 2008, they chose to work at other breweries first. But, in order to stay in touch and see each other, they decided to brew their own beer in Alex's garage.

In 2011, the two friends founded their company to market their creations and continued to brew outside of their working hours as they were both still working full time. In their early days, they didn't have the money to invest in the business. So, they started looking for brewers ready to welcome them to their facilities. It was important for the founders that the breweries they chose to brew their beers gave them autonomy and that they had a choice in how they’d operate. That's how they found 't Gulden Spoor, the first brewery ready to welcome them. Then the Ranke followed.

The brewery is run by the two founders Alex and Koen for both production and administrative aspects. Regarding the commercial aspect and the relationship with the customers, this part is fully managed by Jens Tack, who started working full-time in 2014 before the founders themselves. Only in 2016 Alex and Koen decided to invest in their project by opening their own brewery in Anzegem and started working there full-time.

The name ‘t Verzet" came about from the realization that the different beers on the Belgian market were too similar. The founders wanted to bring something different, not only in terms of taste, which they experimented a lot with, but also the visual aspect of the bottles and the names of the beers. Het verzet means resistance in Dutch, resistance to the weakening of taste.






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