Brewery: L'Annexe

20 April 2020

The story of this Saint-Gilloise brewery begins at a beer-fuelled party where two childhood friends, Grégoire and Max challenge each other to not only run the Brussels half-marathon without training, held a week later, but also to brew their own beer since it was a shared passion of theirs. What for the two friends started out as a "good excuse" to have a good time together and have fun, turned out to be a real labour of love which then led to the official opening of  "l’Annex" in June 2018. 

Before the brewery opened, the founders of the brewery were looking for a name to give their new baby. Since Gregory's wife had a grandfather who was a brewer, they thought it would be a nice hommage to the name of the old brewery, which was called "Brouwerij Hendrix". Unfortunately, however, by chance there already existed a similar brewery in Bruges, which legally blocked them from using the name.  l’Annex then became an obvious choice, as their production is located in the annex of a painting school.  Below the name of the brewery there are also two ducks. "They are in fact Indian runners", the founders explain. "There are two of them because they represent us. These birds also have the particular characteristic of being incredibly ambitious, just like us when we embarked on this adventure".   

The wish for l’Annexe is not to become a large brewery. The beers of L'Annexe are mainly found in local bars and a few Brussels supermarkets. What is important to both owners is to continue to remain a local brewery, on a human scale. They both cherish the creative process and the possibility to experiment with new recipes and test new ideas. As far as their way of working at l’Annexe is concerned, it is a very manual process. There is very little automation, which is typical of quality craftsmanship. "All of this forms the character of the beer and the philosophy of the brewery.” 

L’Annex is not only a brewery but also a fermenting house. This means that, in addition to beer, both brewers also produce fermented, lightly alcoholic drinks, which are actually the predecessors of the modern soft drink. The owners of L'Annexe have re-established this old practice and are now pioneers in this field. What inspired the creation of ferments in the brewery is partly due to Grégoire's wife, who does not like beer at all. Thanks to these new drinks, he could now share his business with both Max and his wife. 

Grégoire and Max have the desire to create beers with a complex identity but which are still easy to drink. They are simple beers with personality. 

The Four Seasons Series is the series of beers in this month's box. The principle is that for each season you have your own specific beer. That being said, this does not prevent you from tasting the different beers all year round without following the seasons as the creators imagined. For these beers, they use the same yeast which is quite dry and refreshing. It is the malts that will later make all the difference and give character to the different beers.  


ABV : 6% 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    7 

IBU :   45

T ° :  8 

A typical Saison with a touch of red fruit. We find a set of 5 different malts, it has a nice lasting taste in the mouth, but always with a dry, refreshing and slightly bitter finish.



ABV : 6% 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    7.5 

IBU :   30 

T ° :  8 

A malted wheat beer, like Weizen-style German beer, but with a dry and refreshing finish and with a touch of white tea, coriander, and lemon zest like the Belgian wheat beers. We are therefor between the smooth side of a Weizen, but with a dry and refreshing finish.



ABV : 6 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    33.6

IBU :   40 

T ° :  8 

Red ale. Fresh and hoppy, with a touch of bergamot. Represents an Indian summer.


ABV : 6 

VOL :  33 

EBC :    50 

IBU :   42 

T ° :  12 

This beer immediately introduces a chocolaty-coffee taste, like an espresso, but in beer-form. We're between a Stout Porter and a Saison. It has intensity in the mouth but is light on the stomach.



L’ Annexe

Rue du Métal 19, BE - 1060 Saint-Gilles

Phone: +32 474 45 33 99




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