Brewery Des Trévires

14 September 2020

Located in the province of Luxembourg, in Belgium, this brewery consists of three brewers, Fabien Hesbois, Yves Cornerotte and Thierry Maire who work together with two other beer lovers, Manuel Gutierrez Ruiz and Antoine Dehaut.

The brewery started in 2017 under various entities. It was not until 2018 that the different entities came together under the name “Des Trévires”. The name Des Trévires comes from the name of the Celtic people who lived in the cross-border region. These are the same people who invented the “harvester” used to crop barley. Barley is an essential ingredient in beer production, which is why the founders found it a nice symbol to group the different entities under this name. In addition, it was Yves' father who made the first wooden replica of the harvester in the 1960s, which is currently on display at the Gaumais Museum. It was tested with a donkey in a field at the time and it worked very well. We are far from the model we know today, but at that time it was a revolutionary invention. 


So, the history of the brewery starts with 5 beer lovers, including Yves, who tells us that he has been brewing as an amateur for 20 years. One day he decided to take evening classes to become a master brewer, where he met Fabien, one of his teachers during his training. Yves then discovers the beers Fabien produces for his brewery "La Faucheuse". Interested in what he’s doing, he proposes a new project in which Fabien, could integrate La Faucheuse under a new entity. Fabien agreed and together they ask Thierry to participate in the project. 


Thierry, who comes from a family of brewers who have worked in the industry since 1921, ran the family brewery "La Gaumaise". Fabien and Yves suggested that he participate in the craft brewery project in which he could reproduce his beers. He liked the project and became part of the group. 


As for Antoine, he's the group's beer geek, a truly passionate epicurean who originally worked in events. Today, as soon as he has the chance, he travels with his partner and takes the opportunity to taste beers around the world. Then he shares his discoveries with Yves and Fabien. This is how one of the brewery's beers was created, the Recevresse Gabriel IPA. Antoine joined the project to publicize the brewery, as he knows the industry well, but also because he possesses a significant network. That is why he mainly focuses on the marketing aspect of the brewery. 


This atypical brewery also cares for the environment. It accentuates its ecological approach by recycling the water from the brews to wash the reusable bottles. It also has a very collegial way of working, says Yves. When the brewers are looking for a new beer, to realize their ideas, they start drawing up a plan to determine how they will proceed. This allows them to better monitor the process and evolve together. 





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