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16 November 2019

The story (or prequel) begins in October 1994 at 22 Grand Rue in Bouillon. The building in which the future brewery will be installed is home to Nathalie Pougin’s homonymous grocery store “Marché de Nathalie”. The grocery sold basic items such as vegetables and fruits, but also cheeses, wines and just 13 beers – Belgium’s most known and established beer brands.

A few years later, Nathalie and her husband Jacques decided to increase the small store’s beer selection to 50 in 1995 to finally 250 beers by the end of 1996.

The Pougins however, were just at their beginnings and had a vision: restoring a brewery in the heart of Bouillon which had been missing for decades.  With “Marché de Nathalie” initial business gone and replaced with a brand-new microbrewery, the first brew took place in June 1998 in front of a small crowd who had been gathering for the occasion.  The beer brewed that day was the “Cuvée de Bouillon” (check beer section for more information).

The following year two more beers were added to the range: the “Medievale” and “Bouillonaise”. In 2000 the “Blanche de Bouillon” was created to complete the basic, 4 bottles range of the brewery.

Due to increasing demand, the brewery moved to a new location on the outskirts of the city in Noirefontaine at Rue de la Giraffe, 76.  With the extra space, Jacques purchased 8 fermentation tanks from Velo (TMCI group) and a semi-fully automated bottling line.  The new site also offered enough space to organize events such as beer tastings and parties. 

After the brewery changed location, the site at Grand Rue right in the center of Bouillon was turned into a beer shop showcasing more than 400 different beers.  The Pougins also added whisky and rhum section to their shop and regularly organize beer and whisky events with meals (mostly in French. If interested send an email to Nathalie she will keep you in the loop

In 2018 a famous comic strip designer, Stedo, designed the labels for one of their summer beers: the “Frais’ic”. Stedo, who happens to be a distant cousin of Jacques was also the official drawer to the Belgian National Soccer team during their 2018 World Cup campaign.


ABV : 7 %

VOL :33 cl

EBC :70

IBU : 25

T ° :10°C

Anecdote: Produced for the first time in 1999, this is a dry non-pasteurized beer. 5 different malts have been used (Pilsen, Ruby, caramel 50, caramel 150 and roasted malts) and 2 different hops (Saaz and Hallertau).

Eye: Dark brown with coppery hue against the light, hazy. Big, tan, good retention.

Aroma: Malty, bit caramel, fruity, bit dark malt, dark bread.

Taste: Malty, fruity, cherries, caramel, bit banana, yeast, bread, bit nuts, medium body and carbonation,

Food: Meat stews and read meat.


ABV : 6.5%

VOL :33 cl

EBC :20

IBU : 20

T ° :12°C

Anecdote: First beer ever brewed by the brewery. This beer was initially designed due to high demands from French visitors during the Christmas period for a specialty Belgian beer to take home. Malts used: Pilsen and Biscuits. Hop: Saaz.

Eye: The head is big, white and long lasting. The robe is deep gold, light hazy. The brewer would also claim it is slightly amber.

Aroma: Fruity esters with a lot of honey, bit orange, spicy, mellow fruity, bit yeasty.

Taste: Fruity, bit sulphur, honey, bit spicy, yeasty, grainy, sugary. A good Belgian ale.

Food: Chicken, sausages and read meat.


ABV : 6%

VOL :33 cl

EBC :45

IBU : 18

T ° :12°C

Anecdote: This beer is dedicated to the loving memory of Jacques’ father depicted on the label as the moustached knight holding a beer next to the castle of Bouillon. Malts used: Pilsen, Biscuit, caramel 150.Hops: Saaz and Hallertau.

Eye: The head is huge, bit tan, long lasting. The body is amber with red hue against the light, hazy.

Aroma: To the nose it is malty, a lot of caramel, bit toffee, fruity, bit honey.

Taste: Soft carbonation. Slightly sweetness going over into a very malty feeling. Slightly murky and medium metallic bitterness.

Food: Barbecues!


ABV : 5.5%

VOL :33 cl

EBC :5

IBU : 8

T ° :5°C

Anecdote: An old man was strolling back and forth in front of the brewery one day. Jacques went out to check who it was and much to his surprise, this American looking fellow asked him if he had a “Blanche beer”.Jacques replied negatively and the man wrote a recipe on a piece of paper and hand it over to him. The man was no one else than tycoon founder Pierre Celis (the founder of brewery Hoegaarden). Malts: Pilsen and spelt. Hops: Saaz.

Eye: Witbier with snow white, dense, sticky foam and pale straw golden colour, misty.

Aroma: Fresh wheat sourishness, some lemon, sour cream, honey, sorrel, vanilla, field flowers, raw rhubarb.

Taste: Refreshing acidity in the taste. Medium carbonation, soft mouthfeel, some honeyish malt but otherwise very wheaty, dry finish due to the acidity with a late and short hop bitterness.

Food: Fish or as a starter to the meal.

Both the shop and the brewery can be visited every day except Wednesdays. Open doors every third weekend of October. Various events are organized by the brewery.

Brasserie de Bouillon (the brewery)

Rue de la Giraffe 76

6832 Noirefontaine



Beer shop « Le Marché de Natalie »

Grand Rue 22

6830 Bouillon



Email :

Tel : +32 (0)61/ 46.89.40



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