Brewery Brasse & Vous

18 September 2020

The BRASSE & VOUS adventure begins in 2014 with Luc De Bruyn and Bruno Bonacchelli, the two founders at the newly installed brewery in Liege. The founders have different profiles making this brewery special. Luc worked in the food and beverage sector for many years. He has run numerous establishments in the region of Liège. On the other side, Bruno, has over 25 years’ experience as an engineer in designing and installing brewing equipment. Thanks to his job he was able to travel the world and build breweries in different countries. By working together, the founders managed to find the right balance between technical knowledge and experience to create one of Belgium’s most innovative breweries.


Before commencing their brewing activities at Rocourt’s site (Liege), Luc had already created his first beer, the Legia, which was different from today’s recipe. After several tests and the arrival of Bruno, Legia became a läger, a low fermentation beer which was eventually awarded as the best pils in Belgium.

The team was enlarged when two extra brewers were hired, Nicolas and Kevin. The team began then to develop many recipes. David Kerger joined the team later to oversee business aspect at the brewery. The team is currently made up of 8 people with interchangeable roles to best fit the brewery’s needs.


As the Rocourt site reached saturation in terms of production capacity, the brewery will move to a larger location: a former Belgian Royal Mail’s post offices building. Brasse & Vous not only brews its own beers but also for third parties such as non for profits, event organisers and sports clubs. This represents a third of their production requiring a brand new facility with increased production to increase from their current output of 1000 HL per year.

Brasse & Vous brewery is mainly known in the Liège region but they also serve other cities in Belgium and with some export activities abroad.





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