Best Father’s Day Gifts for Beer Loving Dads

27 May 2019

Why is Beer the Best Gift for Father's Day?

Beer. It has an immense influence over every aspect of a person’s life whether they consume it or not. Of course, when we think of beer, we think of many things, including our father’s beer bellies. Indeed, every dad, the tech dad, the athletic dad, the cooking dad and the outdoor dad, all enjoy a glass of cold, foamy beer.

Beer has been the go to alcoholic drink for many dads out there. It is probably the most convenient and affordable drink to get your hands on, and its popularity could be dated as back as the Dark Ages. Every character in Game of Thrones loved a good ale!

So if you have been wondering about what you could get as a gift for the man in your life for father’s day, look no further! We are offering you the chance to get the perfect Father’s Day gift for your father! At Belgibeer, we offer monthly subscriptions to some of the most exclusive Belgian and International Beers. A box of wonders; a box of beers of the world, delivered right to your door step!

Each month, we offer a box with a variety of exclusive beers, in packs of 8 or 12 bottles. Our monthly subscribers also receive beer information, a surprise gift such as a gadget from the brewery, an extra bottle of beer or a t-shirt, and special discounts on our offers each month!

We have prepared a list of different beers that you can give your dad, based on his character!

For the sporty dad

Whether it is a dad, a granddad, a brother or a husband, we all have that one man who loves sports more than anything in our lives. This dad is the one who religiously watches matches of various sports, with football taking the lead. We are sure you can picture sports bars filled with middle aged men with belly beers, supporting their team, drinking and having fun. If your dad or husband is a sports fan, then beer is without a doubt one of the best gifts you can give him for Father’s Day. Here are some of the best beers you can gift the sporty dad on Father’s Day;

The Wingman

The Wingman is an exclusive brew by the Uiltje Brewing company in the Netherlands. Although the brewery is still young (established in 2009), it gives us some great quality IPA’s. Their exclusive brew the Wingman is a cloudy yellow, medium body watermelon wit beer. With the light and refreshing taste of watermelon, and a 6% alcohol level, this beer is perfect for the beer loving, die hard sports fan dad!

For the master chef dad

Is your dad, husband or boyfriend a man who loves to spend his time in the kitchen? Lucky you! Some dad’s love cooking and create wonders in the kitchen (excluding the mess it results in). Whether it is on a barbecue, on the stove or in the oven, food made by your dad will always have a special taste to it. Good news, dads who love to cook almost always love beer to! They can cook with it, all while sipping on it themselves. What better ingredient to have in the kitchen for him, what better way to make him happy on Father’s Day?!

The Cantillon Zwanze

The Cantillon Zwanze is one of the most exclusive and top rated Lambic Belgian Beers. Brewed by the Brasserie Cantillon in Belgium and the Zwanze can only be found on the 19th of September, so if you want to gift your dad this beer for Father’s Dat, you need to stock up in advance! However, the Gueuze of the brewery is just as good and is available all year round. We recommend using lambic beers for light meals such as chicken or seafood.

Zombination V

The Zombination V is a Belgian Imperial Stout. Brewed by the De Struise breweries in Oostvleteren in Belgium, the Struise Zombination V is a stout from Flanders aged in Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrels. This stout is perfect for hearty meals like stews and other meals with red meat. Happy dads and happy tummies all in one place!

For the business executive dad

The business executive dad goes on business trips, attends long meetings and comes home late and tired. Business executive dads would give anything to stay at home with their family lay down and relax. With a beer in their hand, of course. Father’s Day may be the business executive dad’s favourite day of the year, a day of the year for eating, drinking and celebrating. Here are some of the best beers you can gift your business executive dad on Father’s Day!

Two Hour Drive

The Two Hour Drive is also brewed by the Uiltje Brewing company, just like the Wingman. The Two Hour Drive is a creamy, full-bodied dark ale. With 9% alcohol, a medium bitterness and a very subtle taste of chocolate. Crafted perfectly for the working dad!


The Duvel is a strong Belgian pale ale brewed at the Duvel Moortgat. What makes this beer a fan favourite is the 8.50% of alcohol, and its flavour. With elements of citrus, grapefruits, the highest quality hops and a subtle spiciness to it, the Duvel will leave beer lover wanting more and more! Treat your business executive dad to some proper Belgian ales this Father’s Day!

For the beer lover dad

Were you always trying to sneak in the basement as a teenager to steal a sip of one of your dad’s beers? We’ve been there too. The beer lover dad would always have beer somewhere in the house, and made sure you never ran out of it. For the beer loving dad, there is no need to look any further than you are. What better gift than a box with different beers of the world?

Westmalle Tripel

The Westmalle Tripel is a Belgian favourite. Brewed by Trappist monks at the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle, the Westmalle Tripel made a name for itself due to containing a 9.50% alcohol percentage, and being dubbed a ‘superbeer’. The Westmalle Tripel is the perfect example of a good Belgian brew, complex and very well balanced. With the perfect taste, this brew will leave your beer loving dad wanting more and more.

Birds of Prey IPA

Another beer brewed by the Uiltje brewing company, this golden orange beer is a feast for your tongue’s palette. With citrus tropical scents and a subtle bitter fruit taste, this 5.8% ABV Indian Pale Ale is an exclusive brew your beer lover dad will not want to miss on Father’s Day.

For the joker dad

We are sure that we are all familiar with bad dad jokes, and the dads who plan out those jokes. If your dad is one of the dads that joke with you all the time, take this chance and joke with them for Father’s Day! Here are some beers to make your dad drink, and to get jokes of a higher level!

Struise Black Damnation VI

The Struise Black Damnation VI has made it to the list of strongest beers in the world. With a whopping ABV of 39%, only a couple of glasses of this beer will be enough to knock your joker dad out. With a colour that is almost pitch black, the Struise Black Damnation VI carries elements of roasted malts, coffee and dark chocolate.

Brewmeister Snake Venom

Although this brew is not a Belgian one, it was named the strongest beer in the world ever. With a whopping ABV of 67.50%, the brewers of this beer advise that it is not for the faint-hearted and that it should be drank like fine whisky, hence why it is sold only one bottle per person.

For the dad who’s seen it all

Does your dad give out nuggets of wisdom on what seems like every subject on earth? Your dad has seen it all, done it all, knows it all and not many things surprise him anymore. Well, why not surprise him this Father’s Day with some of the most luxurious beers that even he will be surprised to see? Here are a few of the most luxurious Belgian beers you can gift the dad who has seen it all.

La Prose

This brewery combines Belgium’s brewing heritage with contemporary art work. What makes them special is that they were able to conserve traditional Belgium brewing methods, all while introducing artists of the world to beer lovers. An interesting choice that will make your dad raise his eyebrow.

Réserve Royale

The Réserve Royale is a sparkling beer that is handcrafted in Belgium. This top fermented lager beer is brewed with only the highest quality ingredients. What makes this beer so luxurious is its fine bubbles, and beautiful bottle, which might make your dad mistake it for champagne! 

All in all, we would like to say that beer, is the best Father’s Day gift you can give your father, grandfather, brother, husband or boyfriend. Happy gifting!



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