17 April 2019

Passion Brewing


Of all the Belgian stories, here is not the most fun, but the most inspiring is certain!

We are talking about beer, world tour, Canada and of course Belgians and Belgium. Tasty ingredients that Damien Demunter has gathered to stir up his story and that of the Belgo Sapiens.

First there is the story of a passion. Basic requirement when deciding to dedicate your life to brewing the world's most famous beverage.

It all started in 2000 for Damien Demunter. Freshly graduated, he has scoured the major brands to refine his training. Chimay and Saint Feuilian first, Damien takes a huge leap and goes to discover the flavors across the Atlantic of the giant Coors. As a result of these various internships, he landed a first job in a country not really known for its beer, but which says a lot about the process of formation of the Belgian: Madagascar.

Imbued by this constant search for local brewing, Damien Demunter will spend the next 13 years developing Brewpubs between France and Canada.

It is then that this passion leads him to consider the upper stage. Which is opening his own brewery. We are in 2014 and Damien is returning home. A way to have clear ideas, to recharge, but especially to draw inspiration from this Belgian terroir that he has never left behind, even on the other side of the world.

The road ahead is long, but once the various administrative and financial steps are validated, Damien and his partner agree on the town that will host this project of a complete city. It will be Nivelles.

In April 2015, the dream becomes reality. Arrival in the premises, implementation of the works, delivery of the first brewing equipment, development of the packaging and especially the creation of the brand. Belgo Sapiens was officially born on 27 August 2015, the date on which the first brew will be released. 15 years after his training, 15 years after having travelled the world, 15 years after developing the Brewpubs between France and Canada, Damien Demunter is back home to open Belgo Sapiens, a brewery with a strong brewing heritage and proud of its terroir.

Today, with almost 20 years spent in beer, Damien Demunter wears the banner of the Belgian brewery. A true enthusiast, he made Belgo Sapiens a local brewery, but resolutely turned to the world. The real strength of this new brewery lies in the desire of its founders to offer for sale a range of beers of quality and character, from pure and noble products, dedicated to travel around the world.

It is based on this principle that the value of the brewery takes its meaning: every moment deserves its beer, so that each type of beer can be savored at a specific time.

Damien Demunter's vision for his brewery is clear: quality products for moments of sharing. But this passionate does not stop there and intends to add a hint of creativity at this brewing so unique that gives Belgo Sapiens the essence of a typical Belgian brewery with various influences.

Character brewing

This character is found everywhere in Belgo Sapiens. From the container to the contents, even through the machines. Because it all start with the production tools that are used. Where Damien gives free rein to his creativity. Where this famous character brewing is born.

A new technology brewing tool providing the opportunity to create unique beer with atypical style.

But let's talk again about the Belgian who is inspired by his experiences around the world and innovates where it is not expected. Exit the bottle, Belgo Sapiens opts for the tin can (in addition to the bottle and drums) like his American neighbor. Several reasons have prompted the Belgian to make this choice. First in an ecological concern, the cans being more easily recyclable, it disthrones the bottle. It is also a lighter, more compact material. Much more practical than glass. Furthermore, professional brewers know that beer tends to cool faster in a tin can than in a glass bottle. When an argument like this arises, the choice is obviously clear.

And if some were still reluctant to opt for the tin can, Damien Demunter has no shortage of arguments. Storage and transport are greatly facilitated, but, less obvious and yet clear, the cylindrical shape brings 100% printable surface for packaging and therefore the branding.

In addition to all these strengths, the tin can also represents a strong gesture in terms of brewing revival. Take it from us, the new generation of breweries will be barley and tin cans!

Enough talk about the container, let's talk content and brewing, let's talk beer!

Damien Demunter takes 4 ways to let you discover his creations and experience the greatest pleasure. 4 ranges of beer, 4 characters, 4 ways to taste the work of an enthusiast.

First the « Initiation » beers. They consist of 4 creations which each have their own character, true tasting experiences. The range « Connoisseur », « Expert » and « SeriAle » complete this first range.

Let us take a look at these famous initiatic beers, all right from the imagination, but especially from Damien Demunter's brewery.

Your first initiation is to plunge into the heart of what Belgium has to offer: Belgian Premium Craft beers. And among these beers there is one you absolutely have to taste once in your life, the Polarius. A beer qualified by Damien, a beer with class and style!

His range of classics is certainly extraordinary. Golden blonde, a mixture between a Belgian and a German beer through its aromatic hops from the region of Hallertau. Ultra-refreshing, it contains the pure and sharp bitterness that is typical of Belgian Carablond malt and the aromas of German hops. When talking about character brewing, we are right in the middle of it with this Polarius.

Your second initiation is colorful.
Here is the Blanche de Thines. She ticks all the boxes of a typical Belgian white. Refreshing and thirst quenching, it reminds you of Tarwe Bier or Wit Bier from Curaçao wheat and coriander. But since a creative and strong character is promised, this is not just any white. The Blanche de Thines draws its strength and difference in its Citrus aromas from hops and ginger. No orange peel and no coriander in this white! And that’s what makes it unmistakably unique.

When one is imbued with American influences as is Damien Demunter, one must be able to present an American amber beer worthy of the name. But as always, a little drop of character is added which makes all the difference. This is your third initiation.

Here is the Colonel Arch. Malt and hops of course, but above all a mixture of flavor and unique aromas. The body of the Colonel Arch is enhanced by an abundance of American hops providing it with citrus aromas and giving it a slightly spicy profile.

An amber beer with a bitterness, it draws all its character from the Centennial hops. Citrus fruits, flowers and tropical fruits. When Damien tackles a classic like the American ale, he means business. Much to our greatest pleasure.

There is a passion for brewing, but also a unique know-how and a lot of influence at Belgo Sapiens. Your last initiation is to travel in time and to take back the aromas of beer where history has frozen them.

Here is the P’tit Granit. This is a beer called Porter. Its name refers to the coffee bag carriers of Victoria Station in London. A rich and low-alcoholic beer, it is slightly malted and full bodied, but above all impregnated with a slight hint of coffee.

Historically it replaced bread, generally during lunch break.

The P’tit Granit is a tribute to the men who also knew the thirst that sweat, dust and hard physical labor could inspire, the stone-men of our region.

History reaches out for you, all you have to do is taste.

The character, the creativity and the influences of the four corners of the globe. There is much to be told about this new generation brewery in Nivelles. But the strength of Belgo Sapiens lies in its attractiveness, its homage to the terroir and its alchemy of aromas and flavors.

Whether you are a connoisseur or an amateur, there is a taste for all.

After 2 years of operating Belgo Sapiens Brewers, it was obvious to launch a new range of beers.

A Belgian history with character, to say the least!

The Cheval Godet, an integral part of Aclot (Nivelles) folklore, originates in the 17th century.

The Triple of Cheval Godet has been brewed with 3 cereals, 4 malts, brown sugar and 4 hops, including a dry-hopping with Polaris, being the symbol hop of our brewery.

Its scent is both vegetal and fresh, while being accompanied by subtle and spicy fermentation aromas. Its taste is warm, mildly intoxicating, almost divine, with a nice bitter aftertaste.

A collegiate tasting must be a moment of shared pleasure.

The Double of Cheval Godet has been brewed with grilled and roasted malts, brown sugar and 4 hops, including a dry-hopping with Mosaic, aromatic hops offering sweet touches of exotic fruits.

It has a deep red-brown color. Its fruity nose and malted mouth provide a balanced aromatic combination. The hops used, including the one used in dry hopping, will procure a pleasant bitterness that strengthens this aromatic balance.

The Solarius blonde of Cheval Godet has been brewed in collaboration with the vineyard of Chapitre à Baulers. 2 producers from Nivelles who share their passion for creating a hybrid beer based on grape juice. The Solaris grape is a white grape of Germanic origin, as is the brewery's flagship hop, the Polaris hop.

Golden blonde, a fruity nose, aromas of white grapes, dry taste and thirst quenching. All this provides a balanced aromatic combination while recalling the viticultural origins of this hybrid beer.

A collegiate tasting must be a moment of shared pleasure.



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