28 July 2018

Come and join the team! 

Belgibeer the leading Belgian-British platform for the promotion of craft Belgian beers both nationally and internationally is looking for an investment to help sustain some of its marketing, operational and expansion costs in other countries.

The project began in 2013 and gained relative successes in both 2014 and 2015. In 2016 management decided to reinforce the brand internationally with the establishment of local offices in London and Paris.

Today, Belgibeer would like to continue operations by reinforcing its presence on international markets. If you feel you would like to be part of the Belgibeer experience and contribute to its operations, please read the contract below.

Please contact us should you have any questions. We’ll be delighted to answer them!

Dario Ceccarelli (

CEO and founder

General Terms and Conditions of BelgiBeer Ltd applicable to the purchase of the "Belgibeer Notes" 2018

Issuer of securities:   

Belgibeer Ltd.

37 Heneage Street

E1 5LJ - London

United Kingdom

Company Number: 10216398

(Hereafter, "BelgiBeer")


Article 1. «Belgibeer Notes»

1.1 The purchase of the "BelgiBeer Notes" certificates offered by BelgiBeer (the "Certificate") allows you, under the terms and conditions set out below (the "Conditions"), to subscribe and gain capital shares to BelgibBeer Ltd.

1.2 The sale of the Certificates falls within a funding project aiming at expanding Belgibeer’s activities in the UK and abroad. By purchasing a Certificate, we are delighted to welcome you to the project.


Article 2. Price of the Certificate

2.1 The Certificates are sold at the price of 5000 EUR, 2500 EUR, and 500 EUR and allow you to obtain shares in Belgibeer’s operations.

Class A) Certificates sold for €5000 will guarantee class A shares. Dividends and other benefits are discussed and distributed during annual board meetings.

Class B) Certificates sold for €2500 will guarantee class B shares. Dividends and other benefits shall never exceed half of the value awarded to class A shares.

Class C) Certificates sold for €500 will guarantee class C shares. Dividends and other benefits shall never exceed 10% (ten per cent) of the value awarded to class A shares.

The amount Belgibeer is looking to raise consists in €35,000 for 15% stake in Belgibeer UK.


Article 3. Limited Offer

3.1 The Certificates will be offered to sale in between the 1st of September 2018 and the 15th of October 2018. This offer will no longer be valid beyond this deadline.

3.2 You must be at least 18 to subscribe to this offer. You can subscribe on behalf of another person who must also be at least 18.


Article 4. Certificate order

4.1 The order and payment are made during the offer period :

  • Either via a direct transfer to Belgibeer UK

            IBAN : GB58 HBUK 4002 3131 594 362

            BIC : HBUKGB4B

            Reference: Belgibeer investment A, B, or C + Your full name

  • Or by formally authorising Belgibeer to withdraw the amount to invest straight from credit cards.

           Send us an email to with the type of investment you wish to make: Class A, B or C if you wish             to operate this way.

           This type of transaction implies you already are a Belgibeer customer. Alternatively, we may have to conclude the             transaction by phone (+32 472 01 90 79). 

4.2 A Certificate holder is referred to hereafter as a “Investor”.

4.3 The Investor will notify any change of data to Belgibeer.


Article 5. Right of withdrawal

5.1 Any Investor who purchased a Belgibeer certificate has the right to renounce to the purchase within 14 working days after having received the notes and to be reimbursed of the amount of the purchase, without providing justification. In order to benefit from this right, the Investor shall inform Belgibeer by mail or email and immediately return the Certificate, at his own expense and at his own risks.


Article 6. Annual Board Meeting

6.1 The Board Meeting is held once a year, usually in July at Belgibeer’s London office. Every Investor will be summoned by certified mail at least 4 weeks before the meeting.  The Investor is required to present its Belgibeer certificate upon arrival.

6.2 The meeting will discuss the business year, its turnover and redistribution of dividends if any. 

6.3 The Board meeting will eventually end with an informal gathering.


Article 7. Terms of the Certificate

7.1 The Certificate (and the rights arising from it) is personal. The Certificate is non-transferable, and cannot therefore be sold, given or transferred.

7.2 The rights attached to the Certificates will come to an end in the event of a bankruptcy of Belgibeer.

7.3 BelgiBeer reserves itself the right to terminate the rights under a Certificate if it is clear that the Investor does not respect the present contract.


For more information please email us at or call us on +32 472 01 90 79




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