02 April 2020

The history of brewery 3F is very recent. Although brewing activities begun in 2018, the construction works for this massive building date back to 2014.  

Young founders Pierre Dessy and Remy D’Aubreby are not new to brewing nor to the industry. In fact, Remy’s father, Patrick, possessed a brewery in France and encouraged his son to follow into his footsteps in Belgium.  Similarly, Pierre’s father who was working at the same brewery as Patrick’s, was encouraged to take up more managerial and administrative tasks at the brewery.   

Despite only Pierre and his dad are Belgian nationals, Belgium was selected as the location for the brewery as the country possess a better brewing reputation than France.  

The name 3F comes from the initial three founders and their universes and brewing aspirations overlapping each other as the water of three fountains flowing into a single basin.   

Today this newly built brewery produces a lot of contract brewing for third parties – private people or business requiring a beer of their liking with their own label.  3F own brands such as the Forge and Dominican range are mostly exported to Italy and France with very little distribution in Belgium to local bars and restaurants.  


ABV : 6.5%  

VOL :  33 cl  

T ° :  8-10 °C 

Anecdote:  The name comes from the forges of Clabecq in Belgium, which belonged to the grandparents of one of the brewery founders : Pierre Dessy. 

Eye:  Creamy white head, medium carbonation, golden. 

Aroma:  Citrus, malt, floral.

Taste:  Light taste, malty and hoppy, hint of citrus. 


ABV : 6.9%   

VOL :  33cl      

T ° :  6-8°C  

Anecdote:  The range Dominicains reinvents specialty beers. 3 beers: the Dubbel, the Tripel, and the Quadrupel. 

These denominations refer to the history of the beers brewed in the monastery, which indicate the malt concentration and the alcohol level of the beer. 

Eye:  Blonde with a thick white head. 

Aroma: Hoppy, spicy, fruity touches. 

Taste:  Smooth with a round malty taste. 



ABV : 8.2%   

VOL :  33 cl   

T ° :  6-8 °C  

Eye:  Hazy golden color with dense foam.  

Aroma:  Honey, coriander. 

Taste: Sweet and spicy with a medium carbonation. 


ABV : 9.2%   

VOL :  33cl   

T ° :  6-8°C  

Eye:  Golden blonde, creamy foam. 

Aroma:  Malty, yeasty.  

Taste:  Slightly bitter, well-balanced yeast, alcohol. 


The brewery can be visited by sending an email to Josephine Looten (j.looten@brasserie3f.be). Visits can be arranged for a minimum of 10 people at a cost of €7 per person. Beer tastings are included in the price.  

5 Avenue of the Parc d'adventures Scientifiques 7080 FRAMERIES – BELGIUM



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