In 2015, beer-loving Jeremy Sulzbacher started a hobby project to create a ginger beer without using any grains and with a strong similarity to regular beer. It took a further two years to develop the recipe of the first Ginger Tipple and open a gluten-free nano-brewery in Antwerp with all of the necessary licenses.

After experimenting with different sugars and hops, Sulzbachers now has a range of five ginger beers all of which are distinguished by their natural and fresh aromas and flavours. The Ginger Tipple range of beers is now available on Belgibeer!


We are giving the opportunity to try these 5 different beers for a special reduced price!

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  • GINGER TIPPLE product product_193.png
    2 x Ginger Quad
    An 11% dark amber ginger beer dry hopped with Brewers Gold and matured with French oak
  • GINGER TIPPLE product product_194.png
    2 x Ginger Tipple
    An 8.2% strong blonde style ginger beer with a fresh ginger zing and citrus overtones from the Cascade hops and a berry undertone from the Barbe Rouge hops.
  • GINGER TIPPLE product product_195.png
    2 x Tipple Hop
    A 7% IPA style ginger beer where the fresh ginger flavour is complemented by the citrus from the cascades and fruitiness from the Brewers Gold.
  • GINGER TIPPLE product product_196.png
    2 x Ginger Tipple 4
    A 4.8% blonde style beer, which is lighter tones of ginger and citrus from the cascades and a touch of sweetness from the Barbe Rouge hops
  • GINGER TIPPLE product product_197.png
    2 x Ginger Kriek
    An 8% Ginger beer in which fresh krieken (morello cherries) area allowed to ferment for 6 weeks and aged for a further 4 months.

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